Applications of piezoelectric inkjet printing technology
Wide applications, increasing demands
Wide applications, increasing demands
3D printing
Digital garment printing
Electronic printing
Inkjet ceramics
Outdoor inkjet
Label printing
Prospect of industry application

There are huge practical needs and development potential for the industrial inkjet printing equipment in China, but the industrial inkjet print head manufacturing technology is basically monopolized by foreign brands, which is not matched with the status of industrial ink-jet printing industry in China. This makes the industrial inkjet print heads always face the problem of import dependence, which seriously limits the development of China's industry inkjet printing industry.

In recent years, a few domestic brand manufacturers represented by Amsky have been involved in the industrial inkjet print head industry after years of research and continuous accumulation, and hopefully break the pattern of long-term monopoly of foreign brands in this field. By then, "import substitution" effect of domestic brands of industrial ink jet print head products will gradually appears and has broad prospects.

Forecast for the market trend of industrial inkjet printing head

Although the technology of industrial inkjet printing head is more advanced at present, its market share is still concentrated in the hands of several foreign leading enterprises, and the industry is still in the primary stage of development. The industrial inkjet printing head is still at a high growth stage over the world and it is estimated that by 2022, the marketing scale of the industrial inkjet printing head will reach US 6.951 billion over the world.



The continuous penetration of inkjet printing in downstream applications, will promote China's market demands for industrial inkjet printing head. Moreover, the gradual development of domestic industrial inkjet printing head products will gradually inspire domestic enterprises to develop the industry inkjet printing head. With the stimulus form the good policy. The demand growth of China's industrial



Advertising- a continues upward trend on market size

Advertising inkjet is one of the earliest industrial fields in inkjet printing technology. Compared with other fields, outdoor advertising does not require high printing accuracy and printing speed, so it use technology earlier. At present, the market for outdoor advertising printing is very mature, and market size continues to show an upward trend with the continuous improvement of global urbanization.



Ad spray digital printer

Digital Garment Printing -Major Potential Application Market for Inkjet Printing

Digital garment printing is one of the very large traditional industries. The annual global printing volume exceeds 40 billion square meters, of which more than half of production is in Asia, and half of this half is distributed in China. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has the advantage of its small batch, low cost, short production cycle, high printing quality and low energy consumption. It is a potential main application field for inkjet printing. 





1.Digital printing can really re-act feedback from the market. After the designer modify the product, it can be mass-produced immediately. It is really fast fashion.

2.Compared with the former low-speed micro-inkjet digital printing, high-speed industrial direct-injection machine can meet the high-speed requirements of medium and large batches.

3.In the past three years, the government's requirements for printing and dyeing factories have become increasingly stringent. Every factory that meets standards must have a certain percentage of high-speed industrial digital printing machines. The government has also introduced various tax policies to encourage the use and development of digital printing machines. The textile industry needs sustainable development, digital printing technology is very necessary.




Textile digital printer

Inkjet Tiles-Drive the Market Demands for Industrial Inkjet Print Heads

Compared with the existing ceramic decoration methods, inkjet printing technology has great advantages: printing out the design patterns at 360dpi directly to achieve personalized solutions, hanging printing reduces the damage rate of billets, the convex surface print out living oil painting, imitation bark, imitation grain, high-grade stone. It has a good application prospects and huge potential business opportunities. Various advantages make the inkjet printing technology favored by consumers, which drives the market demands for industrial inkjet print head in China.



Ceramic ink-jet printing equipment

Printing Electronics-High-tech Applications

Printing electronics is the application of inkjet printing technology in high-tech fields. It mainly uses inkjet printing technology to accurately print electronic materials。such as conductors, semiconductors, insulators, polymers, etc., to the desired locations, to make the high-tech products such as printing circuit boards, liquid crystal displays. RFID labels, photocells, etc,. In recent years, with the popularity of electronic products such as smart phones, LCD TVs, and tablet PCs, the potential of inkjet printing technology in the printed electronics field become considerable. (Specific applications: circuit boards, LCD panels)



Electronic printing equipment

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