AMSKY Will Establish 3D Printing Sharing Center Project with Partners

On Oct. 9, 2018 and Oct. 25, 2018, AMSKY Technology Co., Ltd. respectively held the 2nd board of director the 23rd meeting and 2018 the 1st extraordinary general meeting and deliberated and passed “The Proposal of Establishing Joint-stock Company and Connected Transaction for Overseas Investment”. 

To taking full advantages of 3D sand type printing technology and the market demand, AMSKY decided to invest in the newly established Luoyang Yipute Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with company director Zhao Zhi, the investor of Jiaxing Weizhenxinyuan Investment Partnership Enterprise and Luoyang Hi-tech Industry Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Fan and Zhang Fengjun and build 3D printing sharing center project in Luoyang hi-tech district. This project aims to achieve the informatization of production center through the online and offline interaction of printing sharing center platform and actively carry out the technology innovation in the process of gradual improvement and iteration to promote the printing sharing platform service, related production supporting services and R&D, gradually accumulating engineering experience, solidifying industry, optimizing process and collecting big data, and then finally realizing the intelligent manufacturing and the improvement of 3D printing industry in this region.

The total investment of the project is estimated to 600 million yuan, which, after the completion, will mainly be used for 3D printing, service, as well as the related supporting production line and R&D, providing service for the casting enterprises around.



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