Review on AMSKY 3D Printer: ±0.3mm Precision Reached for Sand Mold

At present, for sand mold 3D printer, AMSKY has built a new factory where Sandstorm S800 sand mold 3D printer independently developed by AMSKY is sanding and printing methodically. The sand molds produced are placed in neat array in the warehouse. And now, the workers are carrying out blue light detection for the just printing-finished sand mold.


 (Figure 1: Assembling area of Sandstorm S800)


 (Figure 2: Warehouse of sand molds)


 (Figure 3: Precision detection of sand mold-blue light detection)

To guarantee the precision of each sand mold, the sand molds printed by Sandstorm S800 sand mold 3D printer will be detected by laser, blue light and other methods one by one to ensure better casting size. After multiple detections, the precision of sand mold can be controlled within + 0.3mm, reaching the international first-class level. In addition, the finished castings will be detected by the blue light again. At present, the casting wall thickness of sand mold printed by Sandstorm S800 can reach 3mm, totally meeting the standard of high-end customer.


(Figure 4: Sand molds)


 (Figure 5: Casting-impeller)

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