Glance at GIFA 2019- Communication and Learning in Germany

On June 25, 2019, 9:00 am (local time), the 14th International Foundry Trade Fair (GIFA 2019) was grandly opened in Dusseldorf, Germany. With the theme of “The Bright World of Metals”, this exhibition aims to explore the development trend of international foundry market and the reform of leading technology under the background of “Industry 4.0” for the whole market of foundry machine, die casting machine and smelting machine. AMSKY Technology Co., Ltd. also attended this exhibition with our professional team and introduced AMSKY Sandstorm series 3D printers which were independently developed by AMSKY to the visitors from all over the world. 


▲GIFA 2019

On the first day of the exhibition, AMSY attracted the attention of a large number of visitors the moment our high-quality exhibits and professional technology were shown and our professional team had in-depth communication with visitors around the world by virtue of this opportunity. AMSKY, since the release of the first self-developed 3D printer in 2018, never stops. In this exhibition, AMSKY Sandstorm S800, S1000, S2000 and AMSKY 3D printing services are mainly displayed.

With detailed introduction of product from our staffs, visitors from all over the world not only affirmed the technology of AMSKY sand mold 3D printer, but also expressed their intent for cooperation and exchange. Moreover, the capability of Chinese enterprises was regarded in a totally new light.


▲In-depth communication with visitors

Always committing to “Start from the core, best the 3D Printer”, AMSKY mastered all the core technologies of 3D printer. AMSKY hopes that the product and service AMSKY provided for the global 3D printing industry and foundry market are best of the best and will exert unremitting efforts to achieve “Made in China 2025”.

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