Rescuing people in the rainstorm| Awarded Chen Shihua of the Manufacturing Department as "Good Samaritans Advanced Individual"

On July 30 (last Friday), there was a sudden heavy rain in Fuyang during peak hours. Chen Shihua passed by on his way off work and rescued a man wearing pink short sleeves and riding a battery car. (The man and his car were swept into a nearby ditch. The situation was urgent.) After the man was rescued, he found out that the man was a new colleague from the same company.

Chen Shihua's behavior of saving people in spite of his own safety in the rainstorm is worth learning from colleagues throughout the company, the company decided to award Chen Shihua an “advanced individual for Brave righteousness” as encouragement and commendation.


 Chairman Li Mingzhi presented to Chen Shihua the award -the title of "Advanced Individual for brave righteousness’” 


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