Boost aerospace industry | AMSKY industrial grade foundry sand mold 3D printing system

In the first half of 2021, AMSKY technology cooperated with Xi 'an Aerospace Engine Co., Ltd. to build an "industrial-grade foundry sand 3D printing system" to boost China's aerospace industry.

  The whole "industrial grade foundry sand mold 3D printing system" will be equipped with sand printing molding room, sand cleaning studio, drying studio, standard sand storage room, and intelligent sand transportation system, etc.

  Storm S2000 3D sand mold printer is the main sand mold printer to complete sand mold printing work. The full equipment including printing core components, software control to mechanical hardware is independently developed by AMSKY, with own intellectual property rights. This is essentially different from other 3D printing equipment in China and abroad.

3D printing core components with our own intellectual property rights

Piezoelectric inkjet printing head


The core components of 3D printer include piezoelectric nozzle, driving circuit, layered software, printing data algorithm, powder conveying, mixing mechanism and powder spreading mechanism. The above core components all have independent intellectual property rights.

The design, parts manufacturing and assembly of the piezoelectric nozzle are all independently completed by Amsky, which is the only one in China. The self-produced nozzle is applied to industrial application in the enterprise.

Due to the independent R & D and production of 3D printing head, the replacement and maintenance cost of the head is reduced.At the same time,AMSKY 3D printing head has Compatibility of more printing materials.

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