12800dpi CTP| AMSKY reached a cooperation with Czech National State Security Printing House

On 25 August 2021, National Security Printing House of Czech Republic entered into a cooperation agreement with AMSKY Technology (through AMSKY's Czech distributor, Valido).

The National Security Printing House is a state-owned enterprise in the Czech Republic, mainly engaged in the security printing for European Union and Czech Republic

In this cooperation, Czech National Security Printing House adopted the 256-channel laser plate making machine CTP (T256-12800DPI) provided by AMSKY Technology Co.; Ltd. This model is highest resolution of the computer to plate making machine at 12800DPI, which meets the requirements of extremely high precision and security printing.

AMSKY T256-12800DPI computer to plate making machine is at 12800 dpi high-resolution square spot technology: AMSKY CTP uses a single laser, then divides a laser source into 256 small laser channel beams, and scans the printing plate to form a square spot.

  1. The square spot imaging can directly raise the resolution to 12800dpi, which can be applied to high-demand special printing.


    Square light spots have clearer images than circular light spots to avoid gaussian phenomena

  2. Single-source laser, compared with multiple lasers of traditional fiber technology, single laser is more stable and the quality of printing is guaranteed.


Other advantages of AMSKY CTP:

1. Laser edge detection technology

Use the 650nm red laser with ultra-fine spot which does not affect the plate to find the edge of the plate. The edge finding method is perfectly matched with the traditional edge alignment and punching method.

2. Linear Motor

The linear motor eliminates various positioning errors caused by the intermediate connections so the positioning accuracy is high.

3. Direct drive motor

The direct drive motor can greatly improve the positioning accuracy compared with the traditional belt drive drum. Fast acceleration and short loading and unloading time greatly improve production efficiency.

4. Triangular displacement dynamic focusing system

AMSKY uses the third-generation dynamic autofocus technology. Its precise ranging system can directly detect small distance changes of 0.1 microns. During the exposure process, it can be real-time measuring the distance between plate to the lens, at the same time the real-time adjust the position of the lens to ensure constant distance between the lens, to achieve the whole exposure precision.

5. Reliable plate clamp technology

Innovative plate clamp design, reliable, maintenance-free, even in the case of vacuum module failure, it can still work reliably.

6. After-sales service team provides technical support

Quick response within 2 hours

Professional service engineer, service network covering the world

Support remote services

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