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Sandstorm T2500
Sandstorm T2500

Model T2500 3D Sand Printer provides the build volume size of 2500×1000×800 mm. T2500 is equipped with the rail and trolley which allow the job station can move freely along the rail. This gives job station easily fit into the layout together with the sand cleaning and other equipment in the workshop. Including those core electronic parts, software control and mechanical hardware, the equipment is totally developed by Amsky independently with its own intellectual property rights. The number of print head, resolution, and ink droplet size can be tailor-made according to customer’s needs. Sales Contact(overseas market):

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Technical advantages of Sandstorm T2500
Technical advantages of Sandstorm T2500


* Fast speed: Phenolic Resin: 32s / layer; Furan Resin: 27s / layer.


*Use Amsky self- developed patented piezoelectric ink jet head for 3D printing.


* With rail and trolley, this makes the job station moving around easily along the rail within the workshop thus fitting easily for the workflow layout together with the equipment of sand cleaning and other equipment.
Technical specifications
Build size

2500x1000x800 mm (L x W x H)

MaterialFuran resin or phenolic resin, curing agent, raw sand
Layer thickness0.2 - 0.5 mm
Resolution 400-800 dpi
Build accuracy≤ 300 mm ±0.3 mm > 300 mm ±0.1% (max 
Build speedPhenolic Resin: 32 sec per layer;Furan Resin: 27 sec per layer

Number of Job box 

Standard dual job boxes, individual drive, non-stop printing of job.

Material loading method

Automatic sand treatment + mixing of old and new sand in any proportion .
Structure form

Structure frame + Linear motor + rail trolley + Sand cleaning and mold taking station 

Noise 60 db

Mainframe size

7.88x4.15x3.60M (L x W x H) 

Full set layout

 14.60x9.30x4.50M (L x W x H)

Net weight 

Main machine (including two job boxes): 5 Ton;  Sand treatment center: 2.7 Ton, 14 Ton in total.


Operating Temperature: 22-38℃, Humidity:55%

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