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SAT800 Autoloader
SAT800 Autoloader
Product description

Plate Loading Quantity:100 plates

Return list
Technical specifications
Cassette TypeLoading platform
Plate Feeding WayAuto-feed (Remove the interleaf paper at the same time)
Plate Size

Max. 1,163×940mm, Min. 300×400mm

Plate Thickness0.15mm - 0.4mm
Plate Loading Quantity100 plates
Plate StackingManually stack plate on loading platform
Net Weight190KG
Device Size1,617×1,300×1,222 mm( L×W×H )

The height of SAT800 plate exit above ground level is about 1,020mm

Air Supply≥0.65 MPa

Vacuum suction (Plate)


Vacuum suction (Paper)

-0.40/-0.30 MPa ( different paper )

Power Supply
Single phase: 220V, Max power (Peak value): 900W
EnvironmentOperating temperature range:15-30℃ Recommended temperature:21-25℃ Humidity:<70%

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