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AURA 800 Series
AURA 800 Series
Product description

Say goodbye to the age of laborious and inefficient manual plate loading.
After placing plate, the only step you need to do is to press a button to finish the plate loading within seconds.
Then it will automatically enter the plate-making program withou

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Technical specifications

ModelAURA 800EAURA 800S
Imaging System16CH32 channel
Output Speed1.25㎡/h2.5㎡/h
Max. Breadth31" x26"/800mm x660mm
Plate TypeHeat corrosive film, Digital relief printing plate (water-wash), Digital flexo plate (water-wash), Digital flexo plate (solvent based)
Plate Thickness0.14mm-1.7mm
ApplicationLabel  and  trademark
Plate LoadingManual load and unload

Laser Power

High-power semiconductor laser diode

Device Size1,630×910×980 mm (L×W×H)
Net Weight

Approximately 640KG


220V/50Hz, 60Hz, Mainframe:1.5KW+Vacuum 2.0KW


Operating temperature range: 15-30℃ Humidity: 40%- 70%

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