Guangzhou launches 105 major projects, including Amsky project

 On May 30, 2013, Wan Qingliang, member of provincial standing committee and municipal party secretary, announced the launch of the major projects of Guangzhou. Chen Jianhua, deputy party secretary and major, made a speech. Chen Rugui, member of municipal standing committee and executive vice mayor, presided the launch meeting.

The meeting is convened in the form of“1+11”. In sum, there are 105 projects to be launched with total investment of RMB 100.4bn today. 26 major projects with total investment of RMB 38.6bn are concentrated in the main venue to launch, relating to infrastructures, leading industries and development platform and covering many fields, such as rail transit, energy, Internet of things, biological medicine, information technology, etc.

Wan Qingliang is visiting Amsky’s exhibition board and listening to the explanation of Amsky’s representative

Among them, there are 20 projects relating to leading industry with total investment of RMB 35bn, including the CTP project of Guangzhou Amsky Technology Co., Ltd.