Review on Ausetter 800U CTP ——New experience on platemaking with traditional plate

 At present, China’s CTP market is on the track of a fully-fledged market and has witnessed new highs in the number of CTP manufacturers, types of technologies and varieties of plates. In the development of CTP technology, thermal CTP, UV CTP and CTcP technology have dominated the most CTP market of China. By using conventional plates, the CTP reduces the use cost and enhances the market competition of companies greatly, so CTP becomes a characteristic plate making method in our country. Now, let’s have a look into Ausetter 800U CTP produced by Amsky and appreciate its unique charm of plate making with conventional plate.

Ausetter 800U CTP
Low cost
Simple and elegant appearance
Follow the simple and fashionable exterior design of Ausetter 800T CTP, the Ausetter 800U CTP looks elegant and exquisite and feels solid and strong, and a reflection of rigorous and earnest working style of Amsky.
Stable market sales
Since its launch at the end of 2009, Ausetter 800U CTP has recorded the sales of more than 100 in a year. Now, it is fully-fledged with good market reputation and will see the sales peak soon.
Real PS plate CTP
External drum of Ausetter 800U CTP
Ausetter 800U series CTP have three plate making methods: conventional PS plate, high photosensitive PS plate and UV plate, for users to select appropriate method suitable to their needs. Therefore, the most outstanding advantage of Ausetter 800U CTP is that it can use conventional PS plate for direct plate making. At present, a lot of manufacturers on the market claim that they can produce CTP devices using conventional plate, but many of them need to use high photosensitive PS plate and UV plate, and there are strict limitations on the selection of plates. Ausetter 800U CTP can use conventional PS plates without any limitations, which greatly reduces the plate cost and help users seize the opportunities in the fierce competition of printing industry.
Significant cost advantage
Superior in functions and advantageous in overall cost, Ausetter 800U CTP is highly cost-effective. Compared to the conventional plate-making process, Ausetter 800U CTP saves not only the manpower, material resources and financial resources by eliminating a series of steps, such as the film outputting,plate makeup, exposure, developing, etc., but also relieves the cost pressure from using CTP plate. In addition, the high-quality key parts imported from abroad reduce the use cost and maintenance cost a lot, as well as the overall holding cost of Ausetter 800U CTP. Designed by the modular concept, it’s easy to replace the spare parts of Ausetter 800U CTP and the laser can be upgraded. This facilitates the printing companies who don’t have too much money to buy the devices in the earlier stage and need to upgrade their devices after the growth of output capacity. It’s not exaggerated to say that Ausetter 800U CTP is one of the PS plate CTPs with the lowest cost on the market.
High precision and high stability
Fully-developed and reliable laser
Different from Ausetter 800T CTP, Ausetter 800U CTP adopts fully-developed and reliable 32 to 64-channel discrete 405 nm laser diode technology. Operated in bright room and with service life of up to tens of thousands of hours, the laser can expose clear and sharp dots and make plates with higher durability and stability.
Dynamic autofocus
Ausetter 800U CTP uses external drum method which can simulate the plate holding method of the press and finish the exposing process easily. However, the method has short light path which increases the difficulty of laser focusing when the manufacturing of the external drum is not precise, the drum is stained by the dust, plates are blemished in shipping, or the laser on the moving platform is out of tune with the drum. The laser point of Ausetter 800U CTP is as tiny as 10.68μm, so the slight change in the focal distance can cause the deviation in the size of light spot and affect the size of the exposed dot, and eventually affect the whole printing work.
Top brand C0-grade roller screw and ball screw
With Ausetter 800U CTP, there is no need to worry about it anymore. Equipped with the industry-leading dynamic autofocus technology, the device can conduct the real-time follow-up to the change on the plate surface and adjust the position of lens automatically and calibrate the focal distance among the dots on the plate. The accurate ranging system can measure the distance change as slight as 0.1μm and guarantee the constant distance between the exposure dot and the lens. Every light spot can be exposed under the optimized focal distance, so all dots are uniform in size and clear and sharp in edge. Thanks to the precise exposure compensation, Ausetter 800U CTP can present a perfect gray scale gradient from 1% to 99%.
Temperature compensation
The production environment of Ausetter 800U CTP
As we all know, the base of the CTP plate is made of aluminum which changes along with the temperature change. For instance, a set of plates are manufactured in the morning, and then when we mend or reproduce them in the afternoon, the dots on the plate will be deviated due to the expansion and contraction effect caused by the temperature change, which will affect the plate registration and waste the time to prepare printing. Ausetter 800U CTP, equipped with temperature compensation system, can easily solve this problem. The system can keep the plates in a constant temperature range automatically, thus achieve accurate and repeatable imaging and maintain a high consistency of plate.
Laser calibration
A certain degree of light intensity attenuation may occur to the laser over time and the degree of attenuation varies among different laser heads. It’s very important to keep the light intensity of lasers consistent to ensure the plate making quality. Ausetter 800U CTP can calibrate the light intensity in the constant temperature automatically. In the precise constant temperature environment, the laser automatically adjusts the laser intensity every eight hours to ensure the stability of plate making.
Other features
Ausetter 800U CTP also has other features to ensure the precision and stability. Ausetter 800U CTP adopts high precision and indestructible external drum covered with ceramic, the revolution runout being less than 8 microns. Its highly-reliable plate clamp system is designed with great tolerance and has passed the fatigue test of over 200,000 times and recorded over 4 million hours of no fly-off. In addition, the high-performance dedusting system is able to absorb the dust caused in the plate printing and collect the dust to the dust bag. The device also features three-level centrifugal vacuum pump powered by aviation science and technology with small size and low energy consumption. All improvements made for Ausetter 800U CTP are to provide users with high-precision and high-stability plate-making experience.
High adaptability
Speed and size

Ausetter800U CTP
Despite the use of conventional PS plate, Ausetter 800U CTP does not lag behind in the speed of plate making. The same as Ausetter 800T, Ausetter 800U CTP can print 28 plates every hour at 2400dpi. Under the 32-channel, 48-channel and 64-channel imaging system, Ausetter 800U CTP can print 16, 22 and 29 pieces every hour respectively. Moreover, the plate size of Ausetter 800U CTP ranges from as large as 1130mm×920mm to as small as 400mm×300mm, applicable to various printing companies with different demands.
High-speed USB 2.0 interface
In order to reduce the investment in both hardware and software, Ausetter 800U CTP didn’t design its own digital workflow. The mainstream and mature digital workflow on the market, such as Heidelberg Prinect, Kodak Prinergy, Founder ElecRoc, etc. can integrate with Ausetter 800U CTP seamlessly. With high-speed USB2.0 interface, Ausetter 800U CTP supports plug and play like a desktop printer, providing great convenience to users.
High-quality after-sales service
The precise internal structure of Ausetter 800U CTP
Different from the leasing service of Ausetter 800T CTP, Ausetter 800U CTP adopts the marketing strategy, including 22 service networks in ten major service regions across the country. All of them respond to the service call in 4 hours and solve the problems around the clock to provide customers with fast, considerate and satisfactory service.
In addition, the company offers a complete set of solutions for some small and medium-sized printing companies and combines the CTP with the printing process, making the advantages of quality, efficiency and cost of CTP more outstanding.
At present, by virtue of the company’s elaborately manufacturing and excellent sales reputation, Ausetter 800U CTP is expecting a sales upsurge.
By using conventional PS plate, Ausetter 800U CTP can achieve large breadth plate making. It also features low plate use cost, improved quality and stability, higher production efficiency and feasibility in various industry needs. On China’s printing market where cost, quality, efficiency and stability take precedence, Ausetter 800U CTP is no doubt a leader in seizing the market opportunity.
User review
Hu Binwen, general manager of Nanchang Caifeng Printing Center
Device: Ausetter 800U CTP
Quantity: 3
Buy time: 2 in July, 2010, 1 in Dec. 2010
Review: We have two reasons to buy Ausetter 800U CTP. On the one hand, the conventional PS plate or UV plate is cheaper than thermal plate. On the other hand, this device is cost-effective. The device can make two small-size plates at the same time at a desired speed, equivalent to some imported devices. With pneumatic mechanical structure, Ausetter 800U CTP is easy to handle.
Besides, Amsky’s service is excellent. The company can offer timely and accurate feedback upon our consultation. If errors occur to the devices, their service center can help us solve the problems with remote assistance. If the remote assistance can’t work out the problems, they will send engineers to our company in 24 hours. We intend to buy more Ausetter 800U CTPs if we want to expand our business.
Mr. Zhang, factory manager of Zhengzhou Yuyang Color Printing
Device: Ausetter 800U CTP
Quantity: 1
Buy time: In summer of 2010
Review: Ausetter 800U CTP is easy to operate and eliminates many shortcomings of conventional platemaking technology. The printing quality is excellent, too. Our production efficiency is enhanced greatly. Besides, the stability of Ausetter 800U CTP is outstanding and the service attitude is nice. Ausetter 800U CTP can meet our needs perfectly.